My Town : Farm App Reviews

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Not amazing

This game freezes up on me and I can’t play it. Something needs to be done before I report it!!

I like but

I like it but it’s a bigger house 🏠 and new people

Please read this even though it’s super long please

Please add an extra bedroom upstairs with a bunk bed a desk a dresser (with stylish clothing) a desk, and also there should be a proper bathroom with towels toothbrushes a bath a toilet and sink and make sure the bathroom is inside the house unlike the bathrooms in my town bakery

Add horses!!!!!

I love this game but I think you should ad a home with kids rooms just Incase my people want to move and add horses!!!!!! Please add horses!!!!!! Thanks!!!

Good but....

This games is epic! But the games keeps freezing when I make my farmers go to the bedroom. The only thing I can do when it freezes is go back to the area where you hit the play button, only I can’t hit play, I can only restart. I did that four times already, still freezes. Plz fix, this is my favorite. Also if it’s not a problem, can you plz make it were I can carry the chickens? I was going to make it the farmers pet, and also can you make it were you can carry the calf? Ty for reading, sorry for such a long review.

Too small

This app is nice but the house is 2 rooms, there are beds for only three people, the loft bed in the barn should be a little room with a bunk bed and a desk instead. The couch should be a pull out bed for two people. The instant muffin idea was good I wish my town: stores had the mixes, by the way please connect my town stores, all my other my town apps are fully connected and it seems strange that I can’t even transfer outfits yet! Please please please connect my town: stores to the other games.

My town zoo!

I love the game and I see that you know how to make animals in your games so why not a my town ZOO!

My town farm

I really like this game it is just like your at a real farm . No glitches no ads next thing update you should do is a water park that will be so much fun! Best game creator ever besides my play home. Thanks Love, Cecilia Vlk

A little boring

I think u should just put a little more stuff and places


Hi My Town, I’m in love with you games and I was happy with the new update! So keep up the great work!


I absolutely love ❤️ your games , I have spent a lot of money on mytown and my little princess. The only thing keeping me from purchasing more is the glitches 😭 . Also I would appreciate more free games of your apps . So please prove that mytown can improve 🙏🏼


I’m mad because every time I wanna play the game it won’t let me press play and it glitches and it’s a lot wrong with this game I’m maddd update it get it together

Fun app

This app is so fun they should make hundreds of apps

AMAZING but.....

Hello my town creators and people reading this!Thank you for making my towns and more!You guys are amazing! I’ll have to say you guys rock with everything you make but.....Can you connect all the my towns together so they be the same and add cars to the places and with my town home can you put a light switch for me thanks!Sorry this is so much to ask and it will take a lot of work and I hope understand my request and do them thank you so much! From, Your Simple Friend

Plz read

I was reading throw some of the review and I too think the Disney up date would be so cool I’am a super duper Disney fan and my be even a Disney world or land.You guys should so make a Horse club or just add more animals on the farm


My game won’t let me open it!!!! I have all the characters, but it won’t let me press play!!! Please fix I love your games


I was playing then I went to the house and then I couldn’t do anything I tried to move the screen I couldn’t do that and every time I tried it made this like banging sound.When I try to take a person out and I put them down I can’t pick them back up.And it just made that sound again.PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!!!!!


Please make a mansion one

Fix it 😡

When I make the cupcakes it doesn’t let me pour it in the thing where you put your cupcakes in and it giltches too much.

So amazing but.......

All the games our so expensive and I can only get one, so please think abou witch one u get because they are all awsome.

1800’s My little town on the prairie

I love the little house on the prairie tv show, and I think it would be great if you could make a Cabin, barn, wagon, etc. It would be so much fun, and kids who are growing up in the 20th centery will get to see what life in the 1800’s would be like!

Do more

In farm you should be able to do more things with animals. And I LOVE your apps but they are to expensive.

My Town: Stable

Add horses And MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do not like this because the kids do not have rooms.


It’s Last My Town App😭😭 Make More Plz I Love The Games!

Make a watermark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have all of your games and I want you to make a waterpark or a pool place!!!

My town Disney

My town Disney would change the whole my town games itself. I don't mean my town Disneyland I mean Disney characters and their stories. Cinderella's old house and the castle, Ariels underwater world and her house with Eric, and never land with Peter Pan and Captain Hook and a small tinker belle. I think this would change my town forever and make the games more fun for kids. They can make up a other stories for their favorite characters or re in act the Disney movies we all know and love.


It won’t even play. I’m going to have a seizure just watching this game

I love it 💗💗💗

This game is so fun and entertaining and so are all of the other games. I only wish the stuff the people where holding would transition to other games too. That is my only request and what I think is a bummer. Other than that this game is of the hook! I l-o-v-e it. 💗💗💗💗💗👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🐷🐔🐥🐣🐂

Will it is ok

I do not really like this game but I See you never


I think it needs more beds.but great game


So the new game y’all made I can’t get it because I only have 1.10 so I was wondering if y’all can make the new game .99 so that we people can but it and not spend too much money! Please respond


I love my town but I think the next three games should be my town cruise ship,my town Disney world,and my town sports center.I also think all three of them should be FREE cause when a my town cost money I normally can't get it because my parents think it's a waste of money but it's not!But when it's free I can ALWAYS get it!!!!So I think you should make all three of those games and FREE!😍(PLEASE READ!)


Hi!!! I am huge fan but the games really need to be connected!! I was playing but my mom needs to go to the store and come back to the house but my character is from the farm so I can't play with her. 😞 I need these games to be connected together. I am almost nine so I might grow out soon. Plz read and connect. But everything else is totally fine. Plz connect for five stars. I love the games just connect to make a real world or just make like a My Town Train that is in all of the games so we can ride to a store or to visit a friend at the farm. Plz fix.

Pretty disappointed

I was excited that it would be connected but what I thought it meant was the games would be able to go in the other games like you be able to go from this game and in the game you can go into my town home. I hope you update this in the future please and please make more of your games free please!

Good,but add

Put in a my town a amousement park.After that add a shower and sink to the bathroom.Maby then you can add a nursery for the kids?Also,then you should use your money to add things to my town apps that people had said they wanted added.


You should make one with horses

Please fix

You can't bring things from one Connect game to another which is an absolute waste of our money


This app is great! I love it! The only thing I would add is more to the house. Like another room. Or a kids bedroom. But other than that it's fantastic!


I love my town but I wish there were a lot more little people.😻

Love it so far

So okay it's fun so far I just got and also make a my town carnival, and with my town school make a bus so they can go on field trips

I love this game but

I love this game I mean I love all of your games but none of them let me connect to other games

More rooms

It's fun but I want more than six rooms in each game.


Could be better but still love my town


App is fun, but no my town games will connect. PLEASE FIX FOR 5 STARS

Help me

I love the game I give it 5 stars but it won't let me connect any of the games! Please help

  • send link to app